The World is not Enough   "Bond, James Bond" Classic, absolutely classic. Much superior successor to" Tomorrow Never Dies", which didn't click as a real Bond film. I have no understanding as to why so many people dislike Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. I have seen just about all the 007 films (probably all of them at one time or another) and think Brosnan is one of the best. Connery was definitely the definitive bond, he had a certain suave sophistication, which he matched well against a rougher darker side of the character. George Lazenby was awful, we won't go any further with him. Roger Moore was good, but I always felt he was too old, even from the beginning. He also added an element of humour which sometimes worked and many times did not. Then came Timothy Dalton, who I thought did a terrific job, although "License to Kill" played too much like a silly action flick.Then the five year gap until Brosnan was cast as the most famous vodka martini drinker of them all.He wasn't too old, he had a British feel to him, and he wasn't scared to bring a dark side to the character. Anyway, TWINE is a true Bond flick. You won't see anything new here, it's basically the same  formula when it comes to Bond films. The same lines, "Shaken, not stirred", the same beautiful girls (Sophie Marceau and Denice Richards) and the cool bad guys with foreign accents (Robert Carlyle and Robbie Coltrane both playing Russians). Look for an appearance by English "Jungle Rocker" Goldie as henchman who puts his money where his mouth is. The only gripe I have about this film, is the casting of Richards as a 'Bond girl'. Sure she's beautiful, but her lines come across as one dimensional and flat. I don't know whether it's her acting ability or the script, but seeing as I liked the rest of the film, I'd have to conclude that it's her acting. There are cool chases (parachuting ski guys, boats and the Millenium dome, yay!), a cool car (the beautiful BMW Z8), and cool explosions. There is even a coherent story with no obvious plot holes. Well done!

(out of five stars)