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        Scene Eight: Death Fires Up

Rupert:  This has got to be the worst job in the world. I mean all you do is go around taking dead people away. It's kind of sick you know. Dead people an' all. Don't you worry that people will be suspicious that you have some sort of, I dunno, strange dead person fetish?

Death suddenly lunges at Rupert and pushes him up against a wall with his cane. Cut to a shot of bottom of cane. The camera races up to the top and stops. Cut to the same shot (will have to be done really well to make it look good - maybe use some sort of transition) but the cane has changed. The camera races back down to show a large blade at the end - it's a scythe.

            Rup:  Holy shit! What the hell are you doing-

Death:  Shut up!

Rup:  You need to calm-

Dth:  I said shut up! Now! Just listen, you wining idiot. This is my job. And I'm good at it. I'm extremely good. That's why I am the true constant and not some wannabe rock star or something! You, you of all people, have been chosen to be my assistant, and I don't have much of a say in it. I understand that you were willing were you not?

Rup:  Uh, yeah-

Dth:  Good then. So we don't have a problem do we? You're going to learn like a good little assistant aren't you? And I’m going to continue my job without hassle. Right?  (no reply - shot of him pushing the scythe further into him)  Right?

Rup:  Uh, yeah, yeah, sure. Whatever.  (Death brings the scythe down and straightens himself out)

Dth:  Now get the girl ready, it is time to go. I'm going to wait outside, see if you can do a competent job. Think of it as a test. And hurry up.

Death leaves and Rupert walks out of shot mumbling to himself about how annoying death is - mocking tone "It is time to go…" etc. Cut.


        Scene Eleven: The Wrong Place

Open with a shot of Sergei and Pete's car coming to a slow stop. Close-up/mid-shot of Sergei and Pete in the car, looking, searching everywhere - right, left, behind, etc.  A cell phone rings, Sergei reaches into his jacket and answers it.

Vinny:  Sergei?

Sergei:  Hello Boss.

Vin:  So?

Serg:  Um, we, ah….

Vin:  Did you find him?

Serg:  Well, it's um, a bit complicated…(looks across at Pete, who shrugs his shoulders)

Vin:  You lost him didn't you? Damn it.

Serg:  We'll keep looking Boss. We'll-

Vin:  That’s right, you WILL keep looking. That boy owes me money and Vinny always gets his money. ALWAYS. Shit. And tell Pete not to screw anything up, the big dumb idiot. Did you try back at his place again? He might have gone back.

Sergei looks across at Pete, who looks back. Cut.

A doorknob - the camera slowly zooms out to show most of the door. Pete (limping) and Serg. walk into shot stopping on either side of the camera. The say something unimportant to each other (eg: you knock. I knocked last time etc…) and knock on the door. No answer. They knock again. No answer. They take a step forward. Cut.
The camera zooms in on the interior of the same door, then it's kicked open. Action-type scene - lots of cuts. Ends with an upshot of both men with drawn guns - don't say anything. Zoom to close-up of Serg.'s face - confused expression.

Serg:  You're… not… him.  (said very slowly)

Cut to Derek and Dwayne sitting on a couch watching TV. They look shocked - Derek drops a nacho he was eating out of his mouth. Cut to Serg, Pete is tapping him on the shoulder. Pete is pointing at a number on the door. Close-up: 411.  Cut to shot of Serg taking a note out of his pocket - 412. They leave without saying a word.

Derek and Dwayne, still shocked, turn slowly to look at each other. Cut.

2nd shot of a door being kicked open. They rummage through the whole place looking. After a while they stop.

            Serg:  He's not here. Did you find the money?

Pete: (shakes his head)

Serg:  Did you find anything?

Pete:  (holds up a cat)

Serg:  (looks irritated, but calms down) Dammit.  (cut)


Excerpts from "Pathways" a film by Rajeev Mishra




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