This is the script to my last movie. Beyond Space premiered at The Wellington Fringe Festival's Special Short Film Competition on July 9th 2001. I thought I'd publish the script anyway, as there really isn't anything to give away. It's more of an arty movie so the script can be read without fear of ruining the movie. Read on.


Beyond Space

By Rajeev Mishra


Shot in B/W. Daytime. A girl is sitting reading a book. The camera tracks around to show she is alone in an open room. Suddenly a man, all dressed in black, appears in the room.

Girl:    (Not looking up, not surprised) Youíve come to take me back, havenít you 

The man nods. 

             G:            Iíve already seen the stars.

Cut to shot of stars in the night sky.

            G:            Donít you know what itís like here? Itís not like anything out there.

Cut to second shot of night sky and stars.

            G:            Itís not the sameÖitís just, not. I will not leave.

The man shakes his head solemnly.

G:        Donít you understand? This is what weíve been looking for. This place is a thing beyond the stars, beyond space.

Cut to a colour shot of a rose swaying in the breeze. Shot of the man still staring at her, emotionless, expressionless.

G:        Itís touched you, hasnít it? I can see it, I always can. I think you understand the meaning of this place. Which is why you havenít done anything. You canít can you? You know I wonít go, donít you?ÖThen why are you still here?

She stares at him more deeply, confused. Cut to shot of the rose again. Fade back to the girl as her expression becomes more shocked.

            G:            You really do understand.

She glances away, thinking deeply to herself. When she turns back, the man is gone.

She sits back, smiles and continues with her book. The camera zooms out and fades into the rose shot as the girl speaks.

             G:            It is a place beyond your imagination.

Roll credits.




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