The Burning Reawakened

Never forgotten, not you.
In my mind, lingering,
Couldn't let it slip away
Onto the fire, smoldering.

Leave the window open,
Against the sunlight
So very long ago, it was
So painfully bright.

Hurting inside, but in such nice ways,
I couldn't find the words
No, not on all those forgotten days.
I just sat and glanced and saw.

I saw, but I was blind,
Or was it you? Maybe.
Now half the baker's dozen,
And I understand, I see.

To her I spoke my feelings,
And not to you that night
So where do we go from here?
Here, where I am, I might

Ask the heavens for an answer,
But then again, I might not.
What if they don't reply?
What then? I'd have to stop.

    Rajeev Mishra