Here's the script from my movie Mr. Dickens (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go HERE). Please, be kind, it's not a brilliant piece of writing, I know. But I wrote it at around 11:30 at night and we were running out of time, so I went with what I thought of quickly. Personally, I don't think it's that bad, in fact I think it's pretty good. Anyway, here it is.

Mr. Dickens - by Rajeev Mishra  


The camera follows behind two large men dressed in immaculate black suits. The are walking along a foot path. The camera is only getting part of their feet and mainly filming the footpath. The credits appear on the foot path written in chalk (Andrew James, Chris Tse….A Rajeev Mishra Film, MR DICKENS). Camera tilts up to show the backs of the two men walking. They walk into a driveway and up to a door. Camera change: We only see the door now, and a hand comes into view and knocks on it. Now an upshot of the door opening and a small figure appears, he is the owner. The figure is dressed casually.

Man 1: Hello there, we're looking for Mr Dickens.

Man 2: Yeah, Mr Dickens.

M1: That's right, Mr Dickens. May we speak with him?

M2: Yeah, can we?

Mr Dickens: Who? Uh, who'd you say? (very nervous. Note: The camera is still an upshot whenever Mr Dickens speaks)

M1: I said Mr Dickens, D, I, C, K, ens.

M2: Yeah, Dickens.

M1: We have a few things to share with him.

M2: Yeah, share.

M1: Do, you know where he is?

M2: Yeah, do ya?

Dickens: Oh… Mr Dickens (as if he's just realised). You've got the wrong house. He lives next door. (He points a finger and the camera follows his arm to the next house).

M1: (After a thoughtful pause) You sure? (Looks at piece of paper from his pocket with a puzzled look) You absolutely sure?

M2: Yeah, you sure?

Dickens: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure. It's not this house you're after.

M1: (very calmly) Okay, lets get one thing straight. I'm not after anything, okay? (Waits for acknowledgement, then carries on) Now, you wouldn't be lying to me, would ya?

M2: Yeah, would ya?

Dickens: No of course not, I wouldn't lie to two outstanding gentlemen, such as yourselves. I would never do that.

M1: Good then. Because we don't like liars in our line of work, do we (gives a short glance to M2 who nods in agreement)

M2: No, we don't.

M1: Well then, I guess I'll see you later sir.

M2: Yeah, later.

The two men walk off down the driveway and to the next house. Mr Dickens smiles sheepishly and closes door quickly. Close up of his face.

Dickens: Shit.

Next door. The two men knock and are greeted by a young woman who is dressed casually. The camera is far away and we can't hear them. They talk briefly, the woman is quite happy/agreeable and lets the men into her house. Back to Mr Dickens' house. He walks down the hall way in a very panicked state. The camera follows him into the living room where two of his friends are sitting. Fred, dressed in a shirt is sitting on a sofa and Bill is drinking a coke and sitting in an armchair. The TV is on.

Bill: What the hell was all that about?

Dickens: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. (He collapses onto a sofa) That was two of Vinnie's boys. (He continues to mutter under his breath in a panicky way, while the other two continue talking).

Fred: What are talking about? Vinnie's boys? As in "I'll cut your freaking head off if you don't pay up" Vinnie? What the hell have you gotten yourself into Carl?

Bill: Holly crap man! What the hell is wrong with you?

Dickens: Look, this is how it is. I bought some dope, but I haven't paid yet, that's it. That's all I done. They'll be back soon. I sent them next door, but they'll be back.

Fred: That's all you've done? What the hell is wrong with you? "That's all I've done"! You must bee some sort of gimp or something. And since when do you smoke dope?! Were you going to…(he is stopped in mid-sentence by Bill)

Bill: Look, just calm down. Okay. I'm sure Carl is feeling really crap right now, and I don't think he needs you ranting like that. Here's what we're gonna…(He stops. The camera goes to Fred. He pulls something out of his pants and smacks it on the table. The camera zooms on it. It's a gun)

Fred: I have a better idea. (He smiles)

Dickens: (suddenly sane again.) What the hell?! Why are you carrying a gun?

Fred: Okay, okay. Before you two go apeshit on me, I never keep it loaded. I just carry it to look mean. You know, for protection. I do work the night shift.

Dickens: Yeah, at McDonalds! What do you need a gun for?!

Bill: Look just calm down. Granted, our friend Fred is showing signs of mental instability, but we now have a plan.

Dickens: What Bill? What the hell are we going to do?

Fred: Show them some heat. Cool the situation down a bit.

Bill: Shut up with the gangster talk Fred. We wait for them to come back.

The camera moves to a clock and fades out. It fades back in, but it's an hour later. The camera moves back to show all three standing in the living room.

Dickens: They should have been back by now. Where the hell are they?

Bill: I thought you said - (he is stopped by a knocking at the door. The camera is now outside with the two men, Dickens opens the door with his two friends behind him.)

M1: The lady next-door said you're Mr Dickens. You've been lying to us.

M2: yeah, lying.

Dickens: Yeah, I'm Mr Dickens (He's sort of cocky now. He has a new confidence) And these are my friends. (He gestures to them and the camera goes from one face to another. They are both smiling)

M1: That's very nice. We have something to show you.

Dickens: I don’t think you understand, these are my friends. (He gestures again, and this time the camera shows a close up of Fred moving his jacket back and showing his gun, then Bill reaching behind his back as if to a gun as well)

M1: Oh, I see.

M2: Yeah, definitely.

They move back slowly putting their hands out and walk down the drive and away. Dickens closes the door and the camera is now inside with the three friends. The shake each others hands and Dickens gives them thanks. No important dialogue, just a show that they are happy. The camera is now outside as the two men walk down the street and untie two bikes from a tree and get on them.

M1: People are so hostile these days.

M2: Yeah, too hostile.

M1: We're only Jehovah's Witnesses. A simple "No thanks" would have done.

M2: That lady next door was quite nice. She made us tea and everything.

M1: Yeah, if only more people could be like that.

They begin to ride off. The camera stays static on them as the ride away. They continue to talk, but soon we can't hear the conversation. The camera fades.



Cast of characters:

Mr. Dickens - Carl, a nervous-type person
(Andrew James)

Man 1  -  A large man who comes to visit Mr. Dickens
(Glen Goodall)

Man 2  -  Man 1's not so bright associate
(Nick Coton)

Bill  -  Carl's (Dickens) level headed friend.
(Chris Tse)

Fred  -  A friend of Carl's (Dickens) who isn't that mentaly stable.
(Rajeev Mishra)

Suzie  -  The nice next door neighbor
(Katie Angus)

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