Here's a poem I wrote one afternoon. It's about a subject that's very important to me. I hope you get some sort of understanding from it. Read away.


And That's It.


I thought that one day, I might go back there,
But now I don't see that happening.
All I can see  there is fear and despair
As I sit watching it all, so saddening.

It's all I seem to hear, all I seem to see,
It continues, it just won't go away.
And I don't understand how it can all be
As it persists day after day after day.

I can end it now, just give me the means,
I could stop it, end the whole affair.
They've destroyed it all,
what might have, would have been.
But it's nothing now, and they don't care.

Then the reality sets in, but wasn't it always there?
I can't do anything, how can I? It's all a world away.
All I can do is just sit here and stare,
It all goes up in smoke, I try to look the other way.

And I think, "That's it."
There's nothing left to see, nothing at all.
It's like a bottomless pit,
And they keep digging, soon they'll all fall.

When they do, it'll be too late,
They've already taken everything with them.
They've sealed everyone's fate.
It won't grow back, it's broken from the stem.

And that is that, as they say,
It saddens me to think it
But it can't be fixed now, not in any way,
Because they've fuelled the fire,
And the match has been lit.

And that's it.

Rajeev Mishra