Here is the script from my zombie film OUTSIDE (visit the official website here). Don't read it if you want to see the movie, but I have omitted the most vital bits.


By Rajeev Mishra (2001)

Scene   One:   RUN BABY, RUN!

A shot of the sunny afternoon sky as the camera slowly tilts down to show 2 figures in the distance running towards the camera. Chase music comes on in a sudden burst. Cut to a shot following behind. They are scared and give continual glances back. They approach a house and race down the driveway. They run up to the door. Cut to shot inside the house as the door is thrust open and the two rush in and slam he door shut with amazing force. The music cuts off suddenly. The camera slowly zooms in on the 2 guys as they drop to the floor out of shot. Cut to the exterior of the door as the camera zooms out – flash title over this. Cut to black (with one of those “swoosh” sounds).


Scene Two:   SHOT HIS WHAT?!

Gradual fade in to the two characters sitting on the floor. They are exhausted. The slowly begin to recover and one of them suddenly speaks.

Cole:  What the fuck was that!!!

Long pause as they both look blank.

Ang:  I don’t know.

Another pause. They both look blank and scared.

Ang:  I... um… okay, I don’t know what’s going on here, but we need to do something.

Cole:  What are we going to do? We’re locked up in your house with god knows what outside. What do we do?

A:  We call someone.

Cut. Shot of hand picking up the phone. Cliff is about to dial, but stops.

          A:  There’s no dial tone.

          C:  What? What!!!

A:  No dial tone. No fucking tone! Shit, what’ve they done!

C:  Fucking Zombie Vampire motherfuckers! What do we do, oh god, oh god, oh god…

A:  Okay, just calm down. We’ll be okay; we just need to do a few things.

Cut. Montage of doors being locked, curtains being pulled. Come back to them. Ang is holding Cole by the shoulders. They both look concerned.

          A:  Look, we need that gun. That gun is our ticket outta here.

          R:  To where? Huh?

A:  Look, I’m scared too, but that gun is like the Holy Grail to us. It’s our salvation.

Cut to zoom shot of shotgun in garage with holy music and rays of golden light streaming onto it. Cut.

          R:  I was just saying, I didn’t think it’s a good idea to go outside, that’s all.

A:  You’re right, it’s not -

C: (interjects) What if they eat your brain?

A:  (continues with a strange look)  -It’s not a good idea, but we’ve gotta do this. Let’s move. You make sure the house is locked up tight.

They part. Ang goes outside. He steps out of the door and walks out of shot. Then a 2nd figure creeps in through the unlocked door. Cut to garage door as Ang approaches and goes in. A shadow rushes past the camera with one of those shrill musical sounds accompanying it. Cut.

We see Cole walking through the house checking doors etc. Cut.

Gradual zoom in on the back door as Ang rushes in and bangs it shut. He brings the shotgun into shot.

          Ang:  Kick-ass!

[I have cut the rest of this scene, so as not to spoil the good bits. You'll have to see the movie!!!]


Scene Three:   THE 3RD MAN

Fade back in. To help with the excruciating pain, Ang has liquored Cole up real good. Cole keeps drinking and becomes very inebriated.

As they sit on the floor a 3rd figure appears (from before). He has a gun and is freaked.

3rd Person:  What the fuck is going on around here? Are you going to eat my brain? (stutter stutter, mumble)

Ang quickly grabs his gun (which was out of the 3rd persons view) and as he does so, the 3rd man reaches behind himself and pulls out a 2nd gun which he points at Cole. (all in Woo-mo of course).  There is a resulting Mexican standoff John Woo styles between the two.

Cole gets up says something drunkenly and falls flat on his face. The other two turn to look at him and then to each other as the scene fades to black.

Scene Four:   THEY’RE WATING…

Fade back in from Cole’s perspective. He sees the other 2 talking and gets freaked.

          Cole:  Ang! He’s gotta gun and, and…

          Ang:  It’s cool Cole. Dirk’s one of us.

          C:  Dirk? You sure?

          A:  Yeah, just drink some more vodka.

          C:  Sounds like a plan to me (grabs a bottle)

          A:  So how do we stop these things? What do we do?

          Dirk:  Bullets seem to work.

Dissolve into flashback. Upshot of Dirk as he shoots down out of shot and gets splattered with blood. Dissolve back.

A:  Okay, but what was it you say they did?

D:  Oh yeah. I’ve seen it; they eat peoples’ BRAINS!

Dissolve into flashback of a zombie eating someone’s brain (don’t worry, I’ve figured out how to do this – involves crafty shots and strawberry instant pudding). Dissolve back.

Cole is by the window, curtain drawn back a little.

          Cole:  (drunk) Um, guys, look at this…

They come over and look. Lined up along the driveway entrance are 5-10 (or maybe one would be more ominous) zombies/monsters. They panic, but wonder why they haven’t approached the house. Then one of them looks up and talks to Ang telepathically.

Zombie leader:  You are us and we are you

Ang:  Hey, hey! Listen! (trying to shut the others up) They spoke to me I think. In my head. They said, “You are us and we are you”. (slow zoom on Dirk as he says this). What does that mean?

Dirk:  Just some nonsense to get us outside probably.

Cole: Look

They look back again, but they’re gone. Freaky. Close-ups of all their worried faces (Cole will have his best-drunken expression on, then falls out of shot). Cut.

(Before the next scene starts, I’ll probably insert some zombie-vision looking at the house from outside to create a break here)


 [The final scene has been cut. You'll have to see the movie!!!]