Here's the script for my second feature, The Gate Crasher. Read it if you want, but it'll ruin the movie. Ah, what do I care, read your life away hippie! (By the way, visit The Gate Crasher website here)


The Gate Crasher

By Rajeev Mishra


Scene One:

Night time/evening. "Night/burglar activity" type music is playing. The camera follows a man dressed in black, wearing a mask moving very quickly. He is carrying a gun and a small sack.. We see him climb over a fence and fall into someone's back/front yard. He moves around the house looking for an opening, he is very anxious. Finally he finds a half open window and enters it. Fade music out.

Now we are inside the house and see Larry (the man from outside) stumble through the window and fall to the floor. He is in a bathroom. He gets up. Close up of face. Worried, then as he looks a round, he grins, music can be heard faintly playing in the background. Flash title over this scene: The Gate Crasher.

Scene Two:

The Living room. Music is playing, there's a party going on. Various people are sitting around, standing, talking etc, around six to ten people. Lauren enters with a tray of nachos (or whatever).

Lauren: More Party snacks, come get 'em. Hi, how's it going?  Enjoying the party? That's great. Haven't seen you in a long timeetc.

The camera follows her around for a little while and then stops on two of the party goers as Lauren walks out of shot.

Derek: Great party, huh?

Dwayne: Yeah, sure is.

Derek: I said, great party, huh?

Dwayne: Yeah, I heard you the first time.

Derek: Oh, sorry man. (long pause). Hey, whose party is this anyway?

Dwayne: Uh, I think it's Lauren's.

Derek: Oh cool (long pause).  Who's Lauren?

Dwayne: Dunno, I just heard some other guy say that it's her party.

Derek: Think I could get with her?

Dwayne: Maybe, I heard she's you know…(He gesture with one hand)

Derek: Really?

Dwayne: Yep.

Derek: Hehe, cool.

They stop talking and sort of drift off, while the camera goes back to Lauren. She's walking when she suddenly stops at a doorway.

Lauren: Oh, just great. Just what I needed, another freaking gate crasher. You're another loser gate crasher aren't you?

Larry: Yeah, something like that I guess. (He smiles and pulls out a gun from behind him). Okay, nobody move. Everybody shut up and get into that corner.

Derek: Wow this is great! A real live criminal! With a gun and everything. Just like the movies.

Dwayne: Shut up Derek! (Smacks Derek in the head)

Larry: Yeah, shut up!  (He looks away quickly as he peers through the curtains. Close up as he looks back)  And some body turn the music off!  (A hand is seen turning the stereo off. Cut)

Close ups as we see Larry pacing back and forth. He keeps mumbling to himself, as if he is in a panic: Gotta think, what do I do now, etc…

Deborah: (Walking in)  Hey, who turned the music off- (Bang! Surprised, Larry shoots her and Deborah falls to the floor. Cut)


Scene Three:

The study. Upshot of a face. Joseph looks up suddenly and gasps, he has heard the gun shot. Cut

Scene Four:

Back to the living room. Deborah is crumpled on the floor clutching her stomach, blood is everywhere. She is sort of whimpering quietly. Others in the room can be heard quietly crying, whispering to each other etc.

Larry: You, (pointing at Lauren) take these and clean her up (throws some kitchen towels at Lauren).

Lauren: Oh God Deb, are you okay? Oh Jesus, there's so much blood. We need to call an ambulance.

Larry: No way! No cops!

Deb: It's okay Lauren, it looks a lot worse than it feels. Don't aggravate the guy, we don't want more people getting shot.

Lauren: Why did you shoot her? She's just one of my friends, what could she do to you? That was a real stupid thing to do.

Larry: Look, just shut up okay? I just panicked, she might have been a cop or something-

Lauren: A cop?! What the fuck-

Larry: Just shut up! (cut)


Scene Five:

            The study. Close up of Joseph.

Joseph: (whispering to himself) I need a phone, I need a phone. (suddenly he looks up at the camera with an extremely worried face)

Racey/panic music plays. The camera, still on his face, pans away and races out the door and into the living room where Larry is. It zooms to a desk- one phone, then pans away to the kitchen counter- the other phone. Cut. Close up of Joseph:

Joseph: Oh shit!


Scene Six:

The living room. Larry is still pacing back and forth, watching his hostages and muttering to himself.

Lauren: (slowly looking up away from Deborah) You make me sick, really. What the hell do you think you're doing? You can't just come into someone's house and shoot people!

Larry: Look, just shut up. I've already told you to shut up so many times, why won't you just do it? I've got to think.

Lauren: yeah. And while your thinking, Deborah is bleeding her life away. Just let us call an ambulance!

Larry: No! no fucking ambulances, no fucking cops! Nothing! Why can you understand that?!

Lauren: Jesus, you're some kind of moron aren't you?

Larry: You're really starting to piss me off! Why don't you shut up before I blow your damn head off?! 

Lauren: Fine, that's your answer to everything, isn't it? I'll just shoot someone, that'll fix it-

Larry: God damn it! Just Shut the fuck up! (cut)

Derek: Man, this sucks so bad.

Dwayne: Shut up man, do you wanna get us killed?  

Derek: Na man, but this sucks so bad, it's like, like…. Remember when we volunteered to help out at that YWCA trip?

Dwayne: Yeah.

Derek: Yeah, well this sucks worse than that!

Dwayne: Yeah, that sucked really bad. The only reason I did that was because you said there would be heaps of nice YWCA chicks and that we were bound to get lucky.

Derek: But there were heaps of chicks.

Dwayne: They were all 12 years old man! Jesus. Now will you shut up before we get shot?!

Derek: Hey man, that Mrs. Peterson was pretty hot. Remember her?

Dwayne: Holy crap man, she was the camp leader. The woman was like fifty years old. She had a moustache!

Derek: She was totally hot, she was like 20 years old. (pause) And her face wasn't that hairy.

Dwayne: Ughh! Keep dreaming, you sicko.

Larry: Oy! You two SHUT UP!!!


Scene Seven:

The room where Larry entered the house. A cat burglar, dressed in black with a mask enters through the open window. He stumbles through the window and falls to the ground with a thud. He begins to snoop through the house. Cut.

We see Joseph grabbing items in the room and swinging them like weapons. He finds something he likes an swings it a few more times like a club. There's a noise. He looks up and peers into a room across the hallway. He sees the figure of Martin going through a jewellery box/dresser. He makes his way towards Martin.

Joseph: (whispering to himself) Got you now, you asshole. (cut)

            Martin lurches upward with a small yelp and we see Joseph standing behind him.

Joseph: Okay, take it easy now. You know what this is? (Martin nods) good . Now give me your gun.

Martin: What gun? I don't have a gun.

Joseph: Don't give me that crap, I heard you fire it. Give it to me.

Martin: Heard me fire it? What? But I didn't fire my gun. What are you-

Joseph: So, you do have one. Hand it over, before I get very angry.

Martin: Jesus, okay, okay, fine. Here take it (he hands it over)

Joseph: Thanks. (He drops weapon and puts the gun to his back. Joseph, can't see that the burglar has another gun tucked into his pants).Okay, lets go.

Martin: What? Where?

Joseph: Into the living room, where you left the party.

Martin: Huh? Wha-

Joseph: Just move. (The move towards the Living room) Hey! You guys. I got him. (They enter the living room doorway) Look!

Lauren: Shut up Joseph! Are you crazy? He's still in here!

Joseph just stands dumfounded, not understanding what is going on around him at all. Martin seeing Larry has a gun, pulls out his own and fires it at Larry. Larry does the same and shoots Martin. Martin acts as a shield for Joseph, and the both fall backwards. Joseph is directly under Martin. Larry falls forward in a heap.

Derek: (poking Larry) I think he's still alive. He's twitching. Oh, wait a minute - he stopped.

Joseph: Fuck! What the hell was that!? (He pushes the body) Get him off me. God damn, there's a dead guy on me! A little help please? (Lauren rushes over and helps to lift the dead Martin off him and he gets up and straightens himself out)

Part Goer: Holy shit, they shot each other!

Joe: Who the hell's that guy? (pointing at Larry)

Lauren: What do you mean who's that guy? Who the hell is that? (pointing to the cat burglar)  

Joe: The guy that fired a shot before?

Lauren: Uh, no. That was him (Pointing to Larry)

Joe: That was that guy? Then who did I get?

Lauren: I haven't a damn clue.

Joe: Well, this is just insane. I have no idea what's going on. What the hell is going on?!…. (looks around at the whole scene, and then turns his attention to Deborah) Hey, Deb, are you okay? Has someone called an ambulance yet? How is she… (he trails off as he goes over to Deborah)

Lauren: (After a long pause) I've got a lot of explaining to do when my parents get home.

The camera zooms out to show the entire room. Two dead bodies and Deborah covered in blood, with Lauren standing in the middle of it all, looking very bewildered. Fade to black. Slow/jazz type music plays.


Scene Eight:

Fade back in with no music being played. The scene is of Joseph sitting at a desk. Two Men can be seen in front of him on the other side of the desk.

Joe: And that's how it all happened. The two guys just shot each other. Now, can I go yet? I've told you everything, and I do have to go to work.

            Midshot of the two men. They look at Joe and then across at one another.

Detective One: Yeah I guess.

Detective Two: Yeah, sure. Do you need any transport?

Joe: No, I'll be fine thanks. (He gets up. Cut)

We are now outside. Long shot as we see Joe coming out of the police station. He stops, it's cold outside. He does up his jacket or pulls up his collar and looks around. Fade to black and then fade in again. Flashback: Lauren's party. Joseph is leading Martin into the Living room:

Joseph: Hey! You guys. I got him. (They enter the living room doorway) Look!

Lauren: Shut up Joseph! Are you crazy? He's still in here!

Joseph just stands dumfounded, not understanding what is going on around him at all. Shots are fired and confusion breaks loose. Larry falls forward in a heap, shot. Martin and Joe fall backward to the floor. The camera goes to a close up of Joe's face. He looks like he's in shock. The camera slowly pans down from his face to his hand. He's still holding the gun. We can clearly see that it's smoking. He has fired the shot which killed Larry. We then see him quickly changing guns with Martin.

Part Goer: Holy shit, they shot each other! (Fade to black.)

Fade back in to Joseph standing on the steps. He takes a look around and walks down the steps and slowly out of shot as music begins to play. Fade to black.

Roll credits.



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