I wrote another poem. Had to. Stuff happened. Read away.


(Things Seem to Get Worse)


I didn’t mean to leave it so late
Maybe I did, my room’s a mess
Sought to leave it to fate, I guess
Or some other enchanter or sorceress

Right now it seems amiss
Right now I muddled my way
You heard the snake’s hiss
Conversing with the manta-ray

How I wished to open the gates
Rivers now flow through it
I can’t even recall the dates
So long ago, the candle was lit

It burdens me, I kept the cat
So I ask myself “who wouldn’t?”
He doesn’t even get off the mat
On the ground he knew I couldn’t

Under the stars I still reach for them
Love? “Like” is much more favoured
Dancing together without that stem
Vice like grip that soon devoured
Everything within reach, even her

Told you sooner? Is the answer maybe?
No, definitely without any hesitation
Remember that south-bound honeybee?
I should’ve recalled our emancipation


Rajeev (15.10.01)