This is the final part in a series of poems I have written about some personal stuff that has happened to me. That is all I have to say.


What is the Remedy?


Even now I cannot move,
Although I know the answer
If I do, it wonít improve,
Fate knows I donít dare chance her

Once my plan is made,
The twine is forever undone
For another I would trade,
But yet I still, have not won

And always in my mind,
Is the one place I had begun
But that gem I will not find,
And now fateís will be done

So long to the sea, the tide went out so long ago,
But I missed the boat, or did I knowingly forgo?

Cold comfort comes the initial,
Too late, it has set sail too
Even another treasure did I seek,
But obstacles stop what I want to do

There is nothing more to attempt
And so here I sit pensive and silent
Never do I move myself
For I no longer search for fulfillment.


Rajeev Mishra (6.7.01)