This poem was inspired by a piece of news that enraged me. And to think, we live in the 21st century.




The murky seed, it sits inside,
and as they grow,
They are taught to hide
it very well
and not to show.

Across the seas, they have no seed,
More free and willing
They wade through the weed,
And make it across,
Away from all the killing.

And once they plant their roots
They grow and rise up high,
But a shadow comes from men in boots
who rip them out without a care
And they scream and kick and ask why?

Why must they go? Not now,
Please not now, let me stay!
How can you do this? How?
Just leave them, let them be
Put me back, don't take me away.

But it won't happen, it never does,
Because the  seed has reared it's head.
And it won't ever be the way it was,
it's not hidden anymore
I see the flower, it's almost dead. 

And as the flowers are thrown away,
the sun comes creeping, over the hill
Fingers of light, making a new day
But not all the flowers will bask
Because sometimes the dawn, can kill. 


            Rajeev Mishra  (12.10.00)

Note: This poem was published in the Hutt Valley High School Yearbook 2000.