The Ignorance

Where are we now?
Is this the future
that you dreamed of?
Which we had to nurture.
They laugh within.

Of course, but is it better?
Oppressed opinions, hidden inside
It's exactly the same as before
And they know it, they know.
The just don't say it anymore

How do you atone for the sins
Of your father and his as well?
You shrug it off, push it away
But you do wish that they fell
I know you, I know all of you.

It's the same tone, awash the globe.
Wait, it's changed now,
Hasn't it? No, no, it's still the same.
But now it's packaged and regulated
Into something much more tame,
Much more…acceptable

How could we let this happen?
I said we! Not you, so low,
You're perfect aren't you?
Like that grand scheme, so long ago
And now, it won't be stopped.


Rajeev Mishra  

What Dreams Tell   

She was there.
I know she was.
I saw her face,
I smelt her hair.

I can still see her now,
In my mind, my soul.
Her eyes, her skin,
But I'm not sure how

I can hear her voice,
She laughs and leans against me,
But now she's gone
And it wasn't my choice

The touch of her skin,
She feels my caress
Hands over hands,
This is no sin

And she glances back
Our eyes lock in the air,
My gaze stays fixed,
Now it's her that I lack

She's gone now,
But then again, she never was
Never to dream again,
But this I can't vow

Where has she gone?
This girl that was there,
I wish that I knew
Because I can still smell
Her hair.

 Rajeev Mishra