The Old Man


I sit and look across at him 
The man with the old grey eyes
And I wonder what they have seen
In a lifetime, his eyes would have gazed,
upon wonderment, but now,
Now they seem so very dim

And I wonder why,
Why is there no wonderment now?
Surely if at one time he was enlightened,
He should be now,
But no… nothing is glistening in there
It's as if the world now passes him by

The old man, he is a constant,
He stays sitting as the sun rises and sets,
and rises again,
But his eyes don't see the ever changing world,
They remember. They remember the past
Then he's gone in an instant

Gone from sight
The old man with his old grey eyes
Fading away, without being noticed
No one sees him go, except me
The world carries on its' hectic way
And in his place, comes the light

Now all I see is the chair
But I remember, I remember
I can still see those old grey eyes in my mind,
But they no longer appear to me,
Where have his memories gone?
The memories in the old grey eyes,
that used to be there.


  Rajeev Mishra