What's Going On?

Sometimes I like to take my glasses off and
just stare at the world with my blurred mind.
It sort of makes things clearer, more rounded
And it makes me think of all the things that
have happened, and could happen.
What if they did? And sometimes I hold my head
in my hands

On my way home today I saw a man run across
the road behind my car and whack a golf ball
with his club over a stream.
It made me think of a man jumping over a 
girl's fence in slow motion.
Like the movies

Then I call her up and ask her advice
She seems tired, but I know she had no
bad intentions, just fatigue.
And besides, these are my problems, my troubles
Maybe tomorrow I'll buy her a present.
Something to show I appreciate it. I do.

And maybe tomorrow I'll talk to my best friends,
Because I always do, just this time the topic will differ
But I'll probably forget or back down
Maybe she'll put the flower in her hair for me; or not.
It's something I have to discuss with them
I can, can't I? There are years between us.

Tomorrow's another day, but I still know nothing new
I guess I'll dig deeper in the coming days

Will that right the wrongs? Untangle the mess?
I can only hope.
But experience tells me differently, lets hope the track record changes.
What the hell is going on?

-Rajeev (28.07.02)