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I proudly present my first produced short film, "Mr. Dickens" !!!
It was shot in around 3 days, the edited together over another 3 (thanks to Glen an Mr. Hawes) and then hurriedly sent off the Paramount theatre in Wellington for the "Young Film Makers Showcase".

It was screened at 12:30pm on Saturday 8th March 2000 along with the other 13 entries that were selected. Unfortunately it did not win, but was liked by most of the audience. 
Mr. Dickens is approximately 6 minutes in length. If you would like a copy e-mail me and let me know.

Many, many thanks to all the wonderful cast, who are listed to the left. They had to put up with me bossing them around and working long hard hours. But it was all worth it, right? RIGHT?! Of course it was.

You can read the entire script here if you want, but it'll ruin the movie if you do!

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