A Complete listing of all our productions.


Beyond Space (2001) - Written primarily for the fringe festival 2001, which had a "Space" theme. Very short, centres around 2 beings, discussing life and existence (sort of).
Kat Angus, Andrew James
approx. 3 min (that's the time limit for the competition).
Visit the official Beyond Space Website.

Pathways (haitus)  - Script finished. Centers on three main characters, Debbie, Spike and Dave. Sweeps from the surreal to the gritty realness of life.
Note: Initial filming had begun but was stopped due to complications. This production is quite ambitious, and because of that is on haitus for the moment while I finish planning it out. The script has been well recieved by many parties and is my longest yet (13 pages). This film is my dream and will be made one day.

The Gate Crasher (2000) - A party is intruded upon by a criminal. Taken hostage, what are the partygoers to do?
Tagline: This isn't your everyday, uninvited guest...
Starring: Nick Coton, Kat Angus, Chris Tse. 
Length: approx. 10 min
Received a nomination for best actor in a female role at the AUSA 15 minutes of Fame Competition.
Visit the official Gate Crasher Website.

Mr. Dickens (2000) - A case of mistaken identity creates an interesting experience for Mr. Dickens and his friends.
Tagline: A Gun. Drugs. And Two Large Men. Mr. Dickens is in Trouble...
Starring: Andrew James, Glen Goodall, Nick Coton, Chris Tse.
Length: approx. 6 min
Visit the official Mr. Dickens Website.


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