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Rajeev "Jeeves" Mishra
Age:  Changes constantly - I was born in 1982
Occupation:  Student/Amatuer Filmmaker
Favourites: The Great Train Robbery / Airframe (books). Hard Boiled / Goodbye Pork Pie (movies), The Mutton Birds (band), Mum's (food)

That's enough boring facts about me, I'm sure you don't really care. Well maybe you do, so here's a bit more:

You've read that I consider myself a filmmaker, this doesn't mean I'm some wonderfully talented person who makes art with a camera (although sometimes I feel this way, I stress sometimes), I, like my friends enjoy films/flicks/movies very much and enjoy fooling around with a camera and creating films. Insert groans and sighs of the masses who think I'm a wannabe hack with no talent who should be doing something usefull like curing cancer - "Go home you wanna be Orson Welles!". I have made various films which have been entered into different competitions. For more on my films please visit here.

I like long walks on the beach....ahem, sorry, seriously now: I like books by Michael Crichton (why do so many people bad mouth this talented author); music by just about any New Zealand band - The Mutton Birds, Weta, Shihad; Jazz music - Thelonious Monk is king; bits of Rap/Hip Hop like Wyclef, The Roots, BEPs but no east coast/west coast gangster rivalry hardcore (that stuff really annoys me); reading comic books like "Planetary" and "Savage Dragon" (yes, I am a geek, sorry to disappoint you); writing - short stories, poems, film scripts and there's plenty of other stuff I like but won't bore you anymore. I'm sure no one even stayed on this page long enough to get down here.


RajJay says:
"Rajeev is cool. A bit of a loser, maybe a geek, some have even said nerd... actually, on second thoughts, he's not that cool. Hmm, him and me share a lot of things in common."

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