24 Jun 2002:
Exams are over!!! Hoorah! Finally begun work on that comedic short I talked about in December. It's called:
It's about 2 Repo Men during their first job (obviously) should only be around 5 mins long and is hopefully funny. This will be in competition at the DIVAs, while I finish writing a good solid script for the sequel to last year's zombie film Outside, entitled Outside II: Drunken Zombie Fighter.

14 Jun 2002:
I've just finished a 3 minute short for the Wellington Fringe Film Festival (link), entitled:

Its about how you can never really start over again, something will always linger from your past (ooh, how very arty of me). It'll be screening on July 15th at the Paramount. Now that's out of my system, maybe I can get on with the zombie splatter movies.

19 Feb 2002:
I go back to uni soon. Yay! I've enjoyed my holidays a lot, but I also enjoy uni (really, I'm sad individual). "Like Totally" is in the bag. I've also been helping my mate Steve with his Planet of the Hillbillies trilogy. Where are my films?! I keep helping everyone else out. I've just begun my next project which will feature in the next Wellington Fringe Film festival.

11 December 2001:
Sir Peter Blake was killed by pirates in Brazil on Dec 7. He was a great man and will be missed. The man is my hero! His last words, while running towards the pirates with a gun "Get off my fucking boat!" - how manly is that! Sir Peter Blake hero to a nation.
Got rid of the reviews section because I don't think anyone really cares what I think of things. Instead I've put up an equally pointless page devoted to NZ films, which are films that I love and admire. Beginning work on C. Tse's new film (to find out more visit F.AFilms) - I play a member of New Zealand's own boy band "Wassup". Hopefully will begin my new comedic short soon (working title "Repossession")

21 September 2001:
Exams all over. Holidays now. Yay! Currently working on new behind the scenes documentary of OUTSIDE which will feature on the special VCD I'm producing. It is titled "Inside Outside" and features interviews with all cast and crew in a very "serious" manner.

19th September 2001:
Exams! Exams! Exams! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

29 September 2001:
OUTSIDE was screened along with all the other entries on Thursday 27th September. It was awesome, just sitting in the audience and actually have people react to my film. They actually liked it! People laughed at the jokes (just about every single one) and were silent during the bits that I intended to be dramatic or tense. The awards night was fun, and I won an award. Well technically it's Andrew's award, so full credit to Andrew (I sound like a rugby player). Alas, I lost out on my other 3 nominations - Best Story, Best Music (maximum kudos to Ryan) and Best Film. Congratulations to Shahir Daud for an exceptionally professional looking film (he won best flick).

11 September 2001:
My latest film OUTSIDE has been finished and submitted to the Vic Uni DIVAs! The DIVAs are the Dynamic and Innovative Video Awards. To find out more on the movie hit the above link or the banner on the frontpage. Outside centres around 3 main characters alone in a town filled with brain eating monsters/zombie things. Sound like fun? I hope so. This is one of the reasons I haven't updated in so long - I've been editing/filming/giving myself big headaches.

17 August 2001:
Principle filming on Outside is nearly finished. Was going to edit on my computer, but alas, my hard-drive is too small and incompetent. A good friend has offered to help and hopefully I will be using his equipment soon to edit. Hoorah. New issues of Zang on the way, I promise!

11 August 2001:
Should be hard at work on an essay. I'll do it later. I will. Not much done (on the site that is...or the essay come to think of it). Just the comic and I finally put up the reviews. Also, anyone looking for more web-comics, go to fleen.com for lots o' stuff.

2 August 2001:
Now I have to actually start paying attention at uni. Damn. Tutorials have begun and assignments are coming in hard and fast. Might not be able to update as often as possible (like anyone really visits). Also trying desperately to get my film finished for the DIVAs in September. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry. Maybe I'll explain later.

July 2001:

Here it is. My brand new, spectacular - well maybe not so spectacular, but much improved website. If anyone at all visits my site (and I don't think anyone does, who the hell spends their time looking at other peoples personal websites? No one does that, I know I don't. This truly must be a labour of love) they'll know I've done a huge overhaul. "The J" is version 2.0 of my first site "Jeeves' Joint", as stated on the opening page. While "JJ" was fun, it got too big and unwieldy and I wanted to start fresh again - and behold the result. Also worth a mention is the fact that nbci.com (the guys who took over from xoom.com) will no longer let people update their sites and informed us that we should move our site to another server as soon as possible - thanks guys. I hope this is a clearer site with a more focused agenda: to publish my writing and stuff. I have kept bits of "JJ" alive, like NB Films and all the stories/poems/etc from My Forum in the Previous Publications section.

If you want to check out my old site (why would you want to do that?) which I can't update anymore visit: http://members.nbci.com/jeevesjoint